Hello beauties!

I know that these are being hard times and definitely not the best for traveling, but we need to keep our hopes up! Hopefully in some months the situation gets better and we are allowed to travel again! Staying positive is the most important.

But in the meanwhile, let me show you some nice and affordable eyeshadow palettes that I own and that are perfect for traveling; not only because of their size – which won't take much space– but also because of the variety and versatility of colours! You will be able to create nice colourful, day & night looks without spending crazy money :) 

1. w7 Bare All & Soft Hues mini palettes

This palettes are not only affordable – they cost 2,99€ – but their quality is really good! Each one has a total of 9 shades, mattes & shimmer combined. I have the Bare All Raw and it has nice earthy-nude tones. On the other hand, I haven't tried yet the Soft hues aquamarine, I felt like I wanted to try colours that are out of my comfort zone – but I am really looking forward to test it :) 

2. Wet n Wild Coloricon palettes

Wet n Wild is one of my favourite low cost brands, and trust me, if you haven't tried this palettes you totally have to! The brand has released lots of them in different tones, but the ones I have are 'Rosé in the air' (it reminds me of the modern reinassance palette) and 'Nude awakening'. I use them a lot as the colours are super versatile: you can create nice night & day looks and the quality is amazing. Its prices vary from 5 to 7€ – they are not expensive at all, and it comes with a total of 10 shades.

3. Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows 1

This one is a bit more expensive than the ones I have showed you before (definitely not low cost), but completely worth to mention it! I got it as a birthday present this month and I L-O-V-E IT! It has a total of 6 shades: 3 mattes and 3 shimmers. I got the palette number 1, which is the one with more nude, neutral day-to-day tones. The pigmentation is amazing and I couldn't be more in love with the final result. It costs 24,99€, a bit expensive for the number of shades you get if you compare it with the rest of the palettes I've mentioned. But if you consider the quality of it and the final results, I'd say to go for it and get yourself one! (or more...) I think it's one of those make up items that are worth purchasing when they are on sale, like for black friday – specially if you want to save some €€.

Have you tried any of these eyeshadow palettes?
Do you recommend any others?
Kisses! xx

Hello beauties!

I'm sorry I have been absent around here, there's a lot going on in my life right now and I'm trying to figure out lot of things. I'm not having the best time of my life, but I'm trying to keep positive and carry on, hoping better times will come!

I'm very excited to tell you that around November, I finally decided to order from colourpop! And obviously I had to buy the Sailor Moon x Colourpop makeup edition! I've talked about it lots of times on the blog – you know i'm such a big fan of Sailor Moon! It's a collection that was re-stocked and sold out many times, that's why they didn't have all the items available (if you want to know more about it, you should check out the post I wrote about it some months ago). But luckily for me, they had what I wanted the most: the eyeshadow palette + the blushes!

Let's first talk about the eyeshadow palette, called 'Pretty guardian'. If you love pastel colours then this eyeshadow is for you! It has a total of 12 shades  – a combination of matte, foiled, metallic and pressed pigment! It's good to create nice, original pastel looks, but also natural ones!
Some shades have a lot of fallout, but it's not really a problem as the overall pigment is amazing and they all blend really well! Obviously, there are colours that need more build up, and I noticed that some of the shades that have a light gold flip turn out to look more matte (which I prefer, as I tend to use more matte colours).

The blush shade that I got is called 'Cat's eye': it's a cute rosey pink shade with silver pinpoints. I absolutely loved it! The pigment is amazing and it gives a nice natural look on the cheeks! It blends well and is very lightweight! Recommend it 100%

Another thing that I need to mention about this collection is the packaging: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It's beautiful, it has like a holographic effect that changes depending on how you move the pack! I just fell in love with it.

If you are a huge fan of Sailor Moon, I totally recommend to get this collection: you will love it! Not only it's good quality, but it's affordable and adorable! At the moment is still available on their website, so if you feel like treating yourself, now it's the moment!

What about you, have you tried Colourpop?
Would you get this collection?