Hello beauties!

Today's post is in collaboration with Uniwigs, an online store which offers a huge variety of wigs, hair extensions, head pieces, hair toppers and accessories! They founded the store back in 2012, as a platform where they could support women and men by providing professional hair solutions. Since then, they have been growing and inspiring people every day!

Uniwigs focus on three main values: care, individual and fashion. 
They understand how important is giving excellent customer service, that's why they have a team which always offers caring advice and support. They are also very proud on being innovative and in offering unique hair solutions for everyone, and last but not least: they keep a constant eye on trends, as they care 100% for fashion.

When browsing through their website you will notice how easy is to find what you are looking for, as they offer a large variety of products: from synthetic wigs to human hair ones, hair extensions, hair pieces, etc. Everything is divided by sections and inside of each one you can narrow the search by choosing the colour, feature, collections,... That makes it easier to explore the different sections– or if you have a clearer idea of what you want– makes it easier to find it! They also offer a large variety of colours and hairstyles– and that's something I love about their website, as they put photos of real people wearing each wig, so you can have a better idea of what it looks like when wearing it!

Before I mentioned that they have wig collections, and one of my favourite is the Trendy wigs one, as they have lot of wigs for the summer! For me the perfect wig for the summer would be a pastel coloured one! But if you scroll through the entire collection you will see the large variety of wigs that it has! Wigs of all colours: blonde, black, red, pink, etc. and every single hairstyle! Down below I'll show you some of my favourite ones!

I know that when it comes to buy online, sometimes we can be a bit skeptical – specially if we have never purchased in that store before– but trust me, Uniwigs is totally and 100% trustworthy. Not only because the products that they offer are made with the best materials, ensuring that the quality is nothing less than excellent but because the relation between quality & price couldn't be better.  Besides that, you can find a section on their website called 'Customer show', where real customers write and post pictures with their reviews. And let me tell you something even better: for every review posted you can win loyalty points! 100 royalty points equals 1.00$, there are different types of reviews so for example, if you post one with a photo you can get 500 royalty points = $5.00. Isn't that amazing? I love the fact that they give customers the chance to be honest and at the same time save on their future purchases!

They ship worldwide and they have a hassle free return policy, which makes the purchases even easier! If I were you I'd check their website as they also offer lot of discounts!

Have you heard of Uniwigs before?
Which one is your favourite type of wig?


Hello beauties!

Hope you are doing allright! Here in Spain it's being super hot lately, you basically can't live without a fan or AC I swear D: Hope you are also taking care and protecting yourselves from the virus :)

In today's post I've decided I want to show you my current make up wishlist. I've been wanting some products since ages ago, and I hope one day I can finally get them! Obviously it's going to be a reduced wishlist because this list could be infinite knowing me (lol).

Any of the photos used in this post belong to me

1. Blood Sugar Palette – Jeffree Star
I fell in love with this eyeshadow palette since the first moment I saw it! I love all the colours on it, and it has amazing reviews! But unfortunately it's way too expensive! (this girl here waiting for black Friday or something lol).

2. Pro Kiss'R Luscious Lip Balm – Fenty Beauty
These ones right here are the latest drop from Rihanna's breauty brand 'Fenty Beauty' and when I saw them I completely fell in love! It's a version of the existing Pro Kiss'R Lip Balm but with colour on it, so it gives a nice touch to the lips. I'm waiting impatiently for Sephora to sell them!

3. Venus XL Eyeshadow Palette – Lime Crime
How beautiful is this eyeshadow palette?! I've been wanting it since ages ago! Plus the packaging is amazing. I've never tried the brand Lime Crime before and I'm super curious about it!

4. Power Bullet Matte Lispticks – Huda Beauty
Huda Beauty is one of those brands that I've always wanted to try, specially their lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes! I hope one day I can lay my hands in one of these!

5. Addict Stellar Lip Gloss – Dior
Again, Dior adds to my list of make up brands that I've never tried. I'd feel super luxurious by only having a lip gloss, imagine! I'm the biggest gloss fan, so when I saw these they instantly added to my make up wishlist!

As you can see, most of the products I've mentioned are from high end brands! 
Do you own any of these products?
Have you tried any of these brands?
Let me know in the comments!


Hello beauties!
I hope you are all doing fine! Im continuing my series of posts where I share with you the best products of different low cost make up brands. You can see the first one here – in which I talked about Catrice. Today's turn is Essence, a German brand founded back in 2001, which is cruelty free.

Personally, I believe Essence is one of the cheapest make up brands out there at the moment! Here in Spain you can find it almost in every drugstore, and when I was living in the UK I remember it was sold in Wilko. In the US I think you can find it in Ulta, but if you can't find it in your country don't worry – they have online store!

So... let's get started!
(None of the photos used in this post belong to me)

1. Melted Chrome Eyeshadows
I literally have heard every single beauty youtuber (at least the ones I follow!) talk about the melted chrome eyeshadows! These ones have an amazing formula – something between creamy and powder which lasts all day in the eyelid! And the most important: the pigmentation is mind blowing. They are individual shadows and you can choose between 8 shades! How much do they cost? 3,79€ / $4.99

2. Lash Princess false lash mascara
This mascara is well known for giving lot of length to the lashes, as well as for being long lasting. And the best of it is its price: 4,19€ / $4,99!

3. Make me brow eyebrow gel
The make me brow eyebrow gel will help you fill and mantain your brows in place, it lasts long and you can find it in different tonalities! Its price: 2,99€/ $2.99

4. Shine Last & go! Gel Nail Polish
I LOVE these gel nail polishes, they are very easy to apply and long lasting! The effect is very cute, it's one of the products that I've tried and I really recommend! They only cost 1,99€/ $1,99, can't believe how cheap they are for the quality they have!

5. Pure Nude Highlighter
If you love natural looking highlighters without glitter this is the one for you! This highlighter will give you a natural glow and the impression of a healthy & hydrated skin! It only costs 4,99€/ $4,99!

Essence has amazing products, you can also find amazing lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadow palettes... I would never end mentioning them! I really recommend this brand, and if you haven't tried it yet, I'd definitely give it a try, you won't regret it!

Have you tried any Essence products?
Which one you recommend?

Have a good day!