Hello babes!

Since I moved recently I've been looking for lots of affordable decoration ideas and if you have been following me for a while you probably know how of a big fan I am of Aliexpress!
There you can find literally anything you can think of and beyond (lol!) and while doing my
research I really found some amazing gems!

Now I need to tell you, I love minimalist sort of Scandinavian decoration style: give me a white room with some plants and I am the happiest girl in the world. So the products I am about to show you follow pretty much that style!

(These photos are not taken by me, credits to its authors)
1. Black organizer
2. Gold pink storage box
3. Gold boxes
4. Glass decoration bottles
5. Black & wood shelves
6. Storage boxes

Hope you like these ideas!
Do you own something similar?
Have you ever purchased on Aliexpress?
Hope you have a nice day & weekend!

Hello babes!
I know i've been completely lost and I am very sorry. On the 7h of February was my birthday and I got a very special present from my dear friend Jerry (@jerrybr on instagram!).
He bought me the February Kawaiibox and i really loved it!

So in today's post I am going to show you all the items that the box contained! I'm sure you will love them as much as I do!

*All the photos belong to me*

The first item I got is this sort of small heart shaped box! When you open it there's a mirror and it's really good to keep small things, specially jewelry! I like the purple colour of it, i think it's very cute!
It also contained a pink heart shaped plushie which i think it's adorable.

The third item that was in the box is this kind of keychain for suitcases in which you can put your name and address. I find this item extremely useful and helpful, and love the design of the cat on it.

The box also contained this super cute pencil which I must say i'm in love with! I really like the fact that it's a mechanic pencil and the detail of the candy hanging is really beautiful.

The box also contained a small notebook that came with a pen and some stickers and lot of cute and kawaii stickers!

One of my favourite items that the box contained is this pair of Hello Kitty socks! I really like when these boxes contain useful items that you can use in your everyday life and this one really stole my heart!

Something that also loved is this Hello Kitty dish. It's quite small and the material is hard plastic but I think it's pretty useful and super kawaii!

The last items that were included in the box are this pack of strawberry flavoured panda cookies and a super cute keychain with a heart on it!

All in all I am really surprised with Kawaiibox! I loved the items that it contained, they are really cute and beautiful! I also like the fact that most of the items are useful in a regular basis and have a purpose! So if your question is ¿Would i recommend purchasing it? I'd say totally go for it!

Thank you Jerry for this amazing present :-)
I'll see you guys in the next post!