Hola guapis!
El mes pasado hice un post sobre una wishlist de ropa estilo Coreano que gustó mucho,
y como me quedaron muchas cosas por enseñar he decidido hacer la segunda parte de ese post
para que así veáis más cositas que me gustaría adquirir de este estilo!

Espero que os gusten las prendas escogidas, toda la ropa que enseño la podéis encontrar por Aliexpress! PD: Este post no es en colaboración con ninguna empresa!

(ninguna de las fotos me pertenece, créditos a los autores)

Hello babes!
Last month I published a Korean fashion wishlist and everybody liked it a lot! So I've decided to post the second part, as there were lots of clothes that I couldn't show you in the first one and that I'd love to buy in a future!

I hope you like the wishlist,  if you are interested in any of these you can find them in Aliexpress webiste! PS: this post is not sponsored!

(any of the pictures belong to me, credit to the authors)

¿Cuál os gusta más?
¿Os pondríais alguna de estas prendas?
Os leo en los comentarios!

Which one do you like the most?
Would you wear any of these?
Let me know in the comments!

Hello babes!
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One of the reasons why they sell the best air tracks for gymnastics is because they only use the highest quality materials. Plus, they are very strict with product manufacturing and testing standards.

Just so you know, their production method consists basically in two steps.

Step 1: Shaping the airtrack, so they ensure it is completely flat and it doesn’t has any air leaks.

Step 2: Reinforcement, where they use an edging strip to reinforce and ensure that there are no leaks and that the surface of the product is well cleaned.

They ensure that the product passes all the required steps and quality tests, so when they send it, it reaches the highest quality standard and the customer is completely satisfied with the purchase.

Moreover, the product warranty is two years and it is sent with a US-made repair kit completely for FREE plus a special free bag, which will protect it during transportation and make it easier to carry later.

Their shipping is also free worldwide with door to door shipping so the customer experience is absolutely hassle-free.

So probably you are wondering, what are air tracks used for?  Well, the most common use is in gymnastics but you can also use it for personal use, cheerleading, parkour, in schools, playgrounds and even in stadiums. Every air track can be adapted to the personal needs of the customer, so that’s a huge relief if you have doubts about customization!

If you visit their website you can find the best air track for gymnastics and you can choose air tumble tracks from their large variety of colours (their top ten best-selling colors are: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, purple, black, mint green, lake green) sizes and models. Such as this blue and gray air track gymnastic tumbling mat which we can find in other colours such as pink!

Also, you can fully customize them, as your name or logo can be printed on your gym air track 
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So if you are into gymnastics or other activities that require air tracks, wholesale airtrack is the place to purchase them!They offer professional pre-sales and after-sales service, along with daily 12 hours of online service. Also, they have a policy of no 12-hour exceeding email reply, which personally I think it's fantastic!

What about you, are you into gymnastics?
Have you ever tried air tracks before?

Hope this post is informative enough for you :)


Hola guapis!
Este verano una de mis mejores amigas viajó a Estados Unidos y me trajo la paleta de sombras
"Yes Please!" de Colourpop además de un pintalabios de la marca Elf.
La gama de colores de la paleta me parece preciosa, ya que son colores que me encanta usar y que son muy de mi estilo -por decirlo de alguna manera!

Hello babes!
This summer one of my best friends went on holidays to the US and brought me the "Yes, Please!" eyeshadow palette by Colourpop and a lisptick from the brand Elf.
Personally I find that the colours are beautiful and it's an eyeshadow palette that totally fits my style!

Decidí experimentar un poco con la gama de colores y de esta forma salió este look tan anaranjado-amarillo (me recuerda un poco a los colores del atardecer!). No suelo llevar mucho este tipo de colores ya que siempre tiendo a irme a los rosas fuccia combinados con naranja, pero la verdad es que me gustó bastante el resultado final!

I decided to experiment a little bit with colours that I hadn't used before and that's how I came up with this orange-yellowish look! (reminds me of the colours from the sunset!). I'm not used to wear yellow tones as I always tend to use lot of pink and red shadows, but to be honest I quite liked the final result!

Los diferentes tonos que contiene la paleta me parecen preciosos, podemos encontrar des de naranjas hasta granates, amarillos, etc. todos combinados con sombras shimmer. La paleta contiene un total de 8 sombras mate y 4 sombras shimmer.

En cuanto a la calidad de las sombras, me parece muy buena respecto al precio de la paleta ($16) - si que es verdad que algunas sombras son más polvorientas que otras - como en el caso del primer tono que se llama full zip - pero eso para mi no es ningún problema. También cabe decir que la textura de las sombras varía según el tono que se escoja, ya que algunas son super cremosas y otras no tanto.

The tonalities that this palette contains is surprisingly beautiful, we can find from oranges, to burgundy, yellow, etc. all of the combined with shimmer shadows. In total it contains 8 matte and 4 shimmer shadows.

When it comes to the quality of it, I think it's brilliant for it's overall price ($16) - some shadows are more powdery than others, like the first one called Full Zip - but that's not a problem for me. Also, the texture of the shadows varies from the tonality chosen: some of them are super creamy and others not that much.

En conclusión es una paleta que recomiendo 100% ya que la calidad y el precio son geniales, las tonalidades permiten crear looks des de más diarios y naturales hasta extremados y la durabilidad de ésta es increíble (sobre todo si usáis primer!). Realmente no os va a defraudar si os decidís a adquirirla! :)

In conclusion I have to say that I 100% recommend this palette as its quality and its price is really good! The different tonalities allows you to create from more natural looks to extreme ones, and the durability is incredible! (even more if you use eyeshadow primer!). It really won't let you down if you decide to buy it! :)

Espero que os haya gustado el look, y vosotr@s 
¿Habéis usado algún producto de Colourpop?
¿Os animaríais a usar esta paleta?

Un besito!

I hope you liked this look, and you
Have you ever tried Colourpop products?
Would you like to try this palette?


Since childhood, Halloween has always held a very dear place in all of our hearts. It captivates with a sense of romance and excitement. New relationships are formed and memories that last a lifetime are created. With Halloween knocking on the door, it is important to try and stay ahead of the trends with a fashion sense that showcases your inner ‘Boo!’. Perhaps more importantly, it is finally time to have a fun-filled Halloween that doesn’t break the budget. So, to ensure that this Halloween is special, Rosegal  has introduced scary ways for you to save on outfits this Halloween.Enjoy 20% OFF With Coupon: RGGOO and Shopping Now!

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Hello babes!
Today's post is a collaboration with fashion online store Rosegal! As you may know, Halloween is at the end of this month and Rosegal has an amazing Halloween Sale where you can find lot of products related to this festivity with amazing sales as well as discount coupons, so we can save some money when we buy clothes and accessories! To check all their amazing offers just click on the image down below :)
I hope you like my wishlist!

Hola guapis!
En el post de hoy os traigo una colaboración con la tienda de moda online Rosegal!
Se acerca Halloween y en Rosegal tienen muchísimos productos ambientados en esta festividad con rebajas de Halloween increíbles así como cupones de descuento y más cositas, para que ahorremos dinero a la hora de comprar ropa y complementos! Solo tenéis que hacer click en la imagen de arriba para echar un vistazo en su página web :)
A continuación os voy a mostrar mi wishlist - espero que os guste!

1. Lace Sleeve plus size Ruched T-shirt
2. Halloween Plus Size Spider Web Dress
3. Sheer Mesh Flare Sleeve A Line Dress
4. Criss Cross Back Lace Insert Zipper Hoodie

Personally, my favourite is the Spider Web Dress, I think it's super cute and very
Halloweenie! :)
Which one is your favourite?
Let me know in the comments!!

Personalmente mi favorito es el vestido con las telas de araña, creo que es muy mono y muy de Halloween! :)
¿Cuál es vuestra prenda favorita?
Decídmelo en los comentarios!