Hello beauties!
This November has been quite an intense and chaotic month for me, a lot has happened and I've been having some health issues – that's the main reason why I've watched more series & tv shows than usually!
You will see there is a lot of genre variety, but i've found all of them super interesting and worth checking them out!

1. Euphoria (HBO)

Euphoria has turnt out to be one of my all time favourite series. It is really intense and explicit as it talks about real life issues without trying to hide or cover up anything. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to watch the two special episodes that will be aired in December.

2. The Haunting of Bly Manor (Netflix)

If you enjoy horror movies and thrillers then you will enjoy this series. Personally I thought it would be more scary, but it's entertaining and catchy!

3. Love Alarm (Netflix)

If you are into Korean Dramas then you should check out Love Alarm! After watching the Haunting of Bly Manor I needed to watch something different and less creepy– I had this one added on my list since long time ago so I thought it was the perfect time! Its about a love triangle (of course lol) and i've been investigating and seems like the 2nd season has been pushed back to 2021.

4. How to get away with murder – season 5 (Netflix)

It was about time for me to catch up with HTGAWM and this month has been the perfect time! Season 5 was released in 2018 and I still hadn't watched it – as Netflix takes a lot of time to upload it + I wasn't really in the mood. Luckily for me season 6 is uploaded this Tuesday so I can satisfy my HTGAWM needs as the 5th season ended up with a huge question mark!

5. Secrets of the Saqqara tomb (Netflix)

I really enjoy documentaries from time to time and I love Egyptian history, that's why I loved this one! It's about the discovery of an intact tomb in Saqqara and they explain the whole discovery and the exploration of it. I found it super interesting and worth checking it out if you are into history!

Have you watched any of these?
What are you watching at the moment?


Hello beauties!

In today's post I am bringing you back this section of the blog where I talk about the best products of different low cost brands. If you are interested in checking out the other ones you can find them here:

Today's brand is called W7, it's from the UK and has amazing products at super low cost prices! 
Non of the images belong to me

1. Socialité Eyeshadow palette
w7 has plenty of eyeshadow palettes, some of them are amazing and that includes the Socialité one! I bought it some months ago and did a review in case you are interested! Its price: 6,95€
2. It's Glow Time foundation
This foundation has amazing reviews – it gives a juicy and hydrated finish to the skin which has made everyone fall in love with it! And the best of all is the quality and its price: only 3,99€!
3. Lashes
w7 is well known as well for the quality/price of its lashes! You have plenty of options to choose from, and most of them cost only 2,99€!
4. Princess Potion Complexion booster & primer
If you are looking for a quality non sticky primer, which leaves a hydrated and soft feeling to the skin you have found the one! It's price: 3,99€
5. Hot Lava Metalflash Glitter eyeliner
I've been reading really good reviews about w7 glitter eyeliners specially since the glitter stays in place when it dries. The truth is that they are super beautiful and they only cost 2,49€!

I know I'm probably forgetting some others! Such as lipsticks, bronzers, etc. I have tried some of w7 products, and I'm very happy with them! I'm thinking on doing a post with the products that I own from the brand :)
Have you tried w7?
Which are your favourite products?


Hello beauties!

There was a time where I used to wear lipgloss constantly, but then corona virus started and since I have to wear face mask most of the time– I haven't been using as much lipgloss as I'd like to (I mean, not that I don't want to, but I want to avoid my lips getting stuck to the mask all the time lol).

But besides that, my love for lipglosses still grows day by day– so I wanted to show you my favourite glosses. Some belong to low cost brands, and others are a bit more expensive, but all of them work perfectly– and are absolutely beautiful and amazing.

1. MAC Dazzleglass – Baby Sparks
This is one of my absolute favourites! I bought it last year in TJ-Maxx while i was visiting NYC (which btw, I wish they had this shop in Spain, I fell in love with it!). The tone is beautiful and cute, it gives lot of sparkle to the lips – it feels quite sticky though but I don't really mind it!

2. Fenty Beauty – Glossbomb
I've talked many times about it... but I just love it so much! The colour is perfect and it doesn't feel as heavy or sticky on the lips as other lipglosses. It is just a must have!

3. Jeffree Star – The gloss in Shockwave
It is my first Jeffree Star product and I'm not mad at all. Really like the tone and how it looks like when the light hits on it. The quality of it is really good as well, I can't complain at all!

4. Wet & Wild – Megaslick glosses in Cherish
If you are looking for a low cost lipgloss then this one is for you! I love Wet&Wild products and their lip glosses are amazing! Besides that, it doesn't feel heavy on the lips and it gives a very natural glow.

Btw, I've started posting some videos on TikTok (related to beauty and make up), if you are interested follow me: @lalabetterdayz94

Have you tried any of the lipglosses I've mentioned?
Which one is your favourite?