Hello babes! x
In August I'm going on holidays and I am thinking to get some nice dresses to bring with me!
Luckily in Rosegal you can find lot of types of dresses, and today I'll show you a wishlist with some of my favourites! Also, soon is Rosegal's 5th anniversary and they have amazing offers and coupons so you can enjoy it at its best!

Below I am going to share some coupons in case you want to save money on your Rosegal order! :)

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Personally I love each and every one of these pieces, floral patterns are always a must and they totally give the summer vibe! Here you can see from dresses to maxi dresses, trousers and even swimwear! Which one would you choose?


01. Twist Floral romper
02. Floral Cold Shoulder cover up
03. Floral Print Jumpsuit
04. Floral print Maxi dress
05. Floral Print Cami Straps Dress
06. Floral Print Maxi Wrap Dress
07. High Rise Palazzo Pants
08. Floral Casual Sleveless Dress
09. Floral Backless High Low Dress
10. Tropical Print Layered Dress
11. Back Mesh Embroidery Swimwear
12. Tropical Monokini Swimswuit

Which one do you like the most?
Have you ever purchased in Rosegal?
See you in the next post! Kisses!

Hi babes!
In today's post I am going to show you some cute items I got from Rosegal! You can find the link to every item on top of each photo in case you are interested :)

Also, I want to let you know that you have some coupon codes in case you want to save some money! (because who doesn't want to save those coins? duh) Here is how it works:

Use code "RGbunny " for all orders over 25USD and save 3USD (3 time limited)
Use code "RGbunny" for all order with over 50USD save 6USD (3 time limited)
Use code "RGbunny" for all order with over 100USD save 12USD (3 time limited)


The first piece I want to show you is this this red crossover bikini. I personally think it's really cute, especially the upper part, as I find it simple but original at the same time. I thought the bottom part would be very thin (more like a thong) but quite contrary, it has the perfect size! Plus the quality is really good, and the colour is nice that's why I am very happy with this bikini!


I am all into summer, so I decided to order another swimsuit! In this case I decided to get this high rise malachite swimsuit, and honestly, it's one of my favourites! I love how It looks when worn, it makes your body figure look even better, plus the detail on the front is really nice! I didn't have any swimsuit in this colour so I'm glad I decided to get this one!


The third item I decided to get is this black pencil skirt. It's a basic and classic skirt, easy to combine and highly adaptable to any kind of occasions. It has the ruched detail on one side which makes it more modern and the material is quite thin.


The last item I got is this silver stainless clip for applying false eyelashes!
It works well and it helps applying the false eyelashes easily.

What about you, have you ever ordered something in Rosegal?
Would you do it?
Have a nice day!!
¡Hola guapis!
Hace poquito me compré esta paleta de la marca Make Up revolution. Nunca antes había tenido una paleta de sombras de esta marca y había oído hablar muchísimas cosas positivas sobre ellas, así que decidí animarme y comprar esta, además que su precio es muy asequible (me costó £4, que vienen a ser unos 5€ más o menos).

Hello babes! 
Not long ago I bought this Make Up Revolution eyeshadow palette called Reloaded Iconic Vitality. I've never tried an eyeshadow palette from this brand and I've been hearing lot of positive reviews about them, that's why I decided to buy this one. Moreover the price is really affordable (it costs £4, which turns into 5€ more or less).

Tengo que reconocer que esta paleta des de un buen principio me recordaba a otra, hasta que caí en cual: la Modern Renaissance de Anastasia Beverly Hills (- obviamente esa paleta esta en mi wishlist pero va a tener que esperar porque barata precisamente no es... ) Así que dije, why not? te puedes conformar por ahora con un clon que vale muchísimo menos dinero! Obviamente no creía que los colores iban a ser los mismos, ni mucho menos la calidad, pero es bastante similar, y con eso ya me conformo (además que por su precio no me puedo quejar).

I have to admit that from the beginning this palette kept reminding me of another one from a different brand, until I figured out which one: the Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills (it's not a secret that it is one of those palettes which have been on my wishlist for a long time but because its quite expensive I never get myself to buy it...) That's why when I saw this one I though "Why not? from now you can get away with a clon which costs way less!" I already knew the quality and the colours wouldn't be exactly the same, but for its price you can't really complain.

Vienen un total de 15 sombras, los colores pigmentan bastante y sinceramente encuentro que es una paleta super versátil ya que tiene un montón de tonos marrones y neutros para maquillaje más natural, a la vez que tiene tonos más extremos como los fuccia ideales para aquellas personas que les guste ir más extremadas, y hasta puedes crear looks para salir o para ir más elegante -como ahumados por ejemplo.

In total there are 15 shadows (both matte and shimmer combined), the colours are quite pigmented and it's a super versatile eyeshadow palette as there are lots of brown and nude shades perfect for natural looks, as well as more extreme tones like the fuccia ones, ideal for those people who love this type of colours. Also, you can even create looks for going out or even smoky ones.

Debo reconocer que los colores son un poco tizosos, es decir que cuando coges el color con la brocha dejan ir bastante producto. Para mi eso no es ningún problema ya que antes de aplicarme el color sacudo el exceso de la brocha, pero sí que hay gente a la que eso no le gusta, y es totalmente entendible.

I have to admit that the colours have quite a lot of fallout. For me that's not really a problem as before applying the colour I try to take the excess of the brush, but there's people who don't really like that, and it's absolutely understandable, as sometimes it can be a little bit messy.

Yo me apliqué las sombras con un primer, y aunque me gustó mucho el resultado debo reconocer que hay que ir con mucho cuidado ya que al ser tan polvorientas se caen restos y pueden manchar un poco la cara. Por lo tanto si os decidís a comprarla, poneros las sombras antes de aplicar el maquillaje de rostro.

Before applying the shadows i applied an eye primer, I quite liked the final result but you have to be extremely careful with the fallout as it can really mess up your face make up, that's why I recommend to apply these eyeshadows before applying the face makeup (such as foundation, concealer, etc.).

Y vosotr@s, ¿os animaríais a comprarla? 
Qué tonos os gustan mas?
Un besito!

What about you, would you give it a chance? 
which are your favourite shades?

Hello babes!
I personally love high-wasted clothes, especially when it comes to trousers and jeans, I feel it's the best way to embrace my body and silhouette plus I found them extremely comfortable.  For some reason I find that high-wasted bikinis are a little bit underrated,  and now that summer is around the corner  I wanted to show you some nice high-wasted bikinis that Rosegal offer in their website in case you are considering getting one :)

Would you wear a high wasted bikini?
Which one is your favourite?
¡Hola guapis!
En el post de hoy os vengo a enseñar algunas prendas de ropa que me han llegado recientemente, en colaboración con Zaful!

Hello babes!
In today's post I'll be showing you some clothes I've received thanks to Zaful! 

La primera prenda que escogí es este body en color rojo. La calidad es muy buena y la verdad es que me gusta mucho como queda puesto. Una talla más me hubiera ido mejor pero aún así encuentro que  queda muy bonito, además el detalle de los hombros es perfecto. La única pega que le encuentro es la parte inferior, ya que no tiene corchetes y cada vez que tienes que ir al baño te lo tienes que bajar entero. Por lo demás encuentro que es de 10!

The first garment I chose is this red off shoulder bodysuit. The quality is really good and I like how it looks when wearing it. A bigger size would have been better but despite that I still think it looks beautiful. The only thing I don't like is the fact that it doesn't have buttons in the bottom part and that's a problem when you need to go to the toilet. But for the rest it's fabulous!

Detalle de la parte superior de los botones / upper part detail
La segunda prenda que me cogí es este jersey de punto oversized y cropped de color blanco. No tengo ningún jersey de este estilo y encuentro que la calidad de este es buena además de ser tal cual se muestra en las fotos de la web. El detalle de las flores y del cuello y mangas le añade un toque precioso y muy chic!

The second garment I chose is this white cropped oversized sweater. I didn't have any sweater  similar to this one before and I think the quality is nice. Moreover it looks the same as in the website and the details of the flowers, the neck and the sleeves are very beautiful and chic!

Detalle de las flores / flower detail
La tercera y última prenda que me cogí es este crop top en color blanco con el detalle de la rosa y del cuello abierto. La tela es fina y cómoda, ideal para ahora que viene el verano!

The last garment I chose is this white crop top with a rose and a detail in the neck part. The fabric is very soft and comfortable, ideal for summer time!

Detalle de la rosa y del cuello / Rose & neck details
El choker de color negro también es de Zaful, y aunque intentando ponérmelo se salió del cierre, conseguí ponerlo otra vez, y queda precioso arrapado al cuello!

This black choker is from Zaful as well, and even though it separated from the closing bit while I was trying to put it, I managed to fix it. I really like the way it looks on the neck!

Espero que os haya gustado este haul! ¿Qué prenda os gusta más?
¿Habéis comprado alguna vez en Zaful? 
Un besito!!

I hope you liked this haul! Which garment you like the most? 
Have you ever purchased in Zaful?