Hello beauties!

If you love cute and kawaii stuff, love Sanrio and are into make up and cosmetics then you should keep reading! Nowadays there are lots of cosmetic brands which decide to collaborate and release a line featuring one of Sanrio characters: specially Hello Kitty and My Melody. I want to show you a few of these collaborations, some of them are still available and you can get them online! :)

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1. Colourpop x Hello Kitty

It's not the first time Colourpop releases a Hello Kitty collaboration. The first one was launched last Christmas and they released a new one this summer called Tropical Scape. I had to get my hands on some of the products, Colourpop is just an amazing brand: the quality never fails to impress and the prices are super affordable! You can still find it on their website, plus colourpop ships internationally! (Let me know if you would like me to do a review!)

2. Wet N Wild x My Melody & Kuromi

We all know how amazing is Wet N Wild: they offer low cost make up and the quality of their products is above excellent. But if you mix it with Sanrio then it's even better! I discovered this collection way too late so I could just get my hands on the blush palette and a lipstick as the rest of it was sold out everywhere :( I can tell you the quality is excellent and it's super kawaii, I'd have loved to get the eyeshadow palette! Sadly I believe it's already sold out almost everywhere...

3. The Creme shop x Hello Kitty & Friends

I discovered this brand recently and trust me when I tell you this collection is so cute! You can find from face masks, lip balms, hand creams to even lipsticks and a long etcetera of cosmetics! The best part: everythig is Sanrio themed! They practically ship within the US but they offer international shipping to some countries (not to Spain sadly...)

4. Cathy Doll x Hello Kitty

You can find this one on YesStyle, and it's super kawaii as well! Just look at it, don't you feel like getting absolutely everything? >.<

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know what you think!
Would you buy any of these collections?
Do you own any Sanrio make up?

Kisses! xoxo

Hello beauties!

Today's post is in collaboration with Uniwigs, an online store which offers a huge variety of wigs online, hair extensions, head pieces, hair toppers and accessories! They founded the store back in 2012, as a platform where they could support women and men by providing professional hair solutions. Since then, they have been growing and inspiring people every day!

Uniwigs focus on three main values: care, individual and fashion. 
They understand how important is giving excellent customer service, that's why they have a team which always offers caring advice and support. They are also very proud on being innovative and in offering unique hair solutions for everyone, and last but not least: they keep a constant eye on trends, as they care 100% for fashion.

When you browse through their website, you will see the huge variety of wigs that they offer: and you can choose between synthetic or human hair wigs! Also, you can find them in lots of different colours, hair styles, etc. - it's impossible not to find what you are looking for! 

Something super important to mention is that browsing through their website is extremely easy as  everything is divided by sections and inside of each one you can narrow the search by choosing the colour, feature, collections,... That makes it easier to explore the different sections– or if you have a clearer idea of what you want– makes it easier to find it! Also something I love about their website is that they put photos of real people wearing each wig, so you can have a better idea of what it looks like when wearing it!

If you are not used to wear wigs, they also offer other type of hair accessories such as hair toppers. These come in really handy, specially if you suffer from hair loss or your hair is extremely thin as they add more volume and create a very natural-looking effect! Besides that, you can find them in different colours and in short, medium and large sizes, also either made with synthetic or natural hair!

  Down below I'll show you some of my favourite human hair wigs and hair toppers!

If you haven't checked Uniwigs before I totally recommend it! They ship worldwide and they have a hassle free return policy, which makes the purchases even easier! All their products are made with the best materials, ensuring that the quality is nothing less than excellent but because the relation between quality & price couldn't be better.

Have you heard of Uniwigs before?
Which one is your favourite type of wig?


None of the photos used in this post belong to me, credits to its authors

Hello beauties!

Before starting talking about Rilakkuma Beauty, I want to know your opinion on the new blog design :) I've decided it was time for a change so I decided to invest on a blogger theme design and tbh I'm really happy with the result! I hope you like it as much as I do!

Recently I discovered Rilakkuma Beauty on Instagram. I'm a big fan of Rilakkuma, I think it's the cutest thing in the world ^-^ Also in 2016 the Korean make up brand called A Pieu released a Rilakkuma edition of their make up products: I could get my hands on a cushion (which I'm keeping like it's gold even though I finished it long time ago) but I regret not purchasing anything else :( It was really nice, I wish they released it again!

When I found out about Rilakkuma Beauty I became so happy, even though they don't have make up products as it's focused on Skincare. But the packaging is so adorable it makes you want to buy absolutely everything >.<

You can find from under eyes masks, hydrating masks, nose pore strips, cleansing wipes to even hand cream! I was checking out their website and It seems like they only ship within the US though :( You can get it through Hotopic as well!

I'm happy to have discovered Rilakkuma Beauty! Everything involving this cute bear and its friends is always so cute and kawaii! I wish it was easier to buy for non US residents though... To be honest I'd love for a make up brand to do another collaboration with San-X, I feel like I wouldn't be able to help myself but to buy everything! (lol)

What do you think of Rilakkuma Beauty?
Would you get any of these products?