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Hope you are doing well! In today's post I'd like to talk about Brazilianhairtop – a professional wholesale hair vendor and lace wigs manufacturer from China. They are well known for supplying the highest quality products and services all around the world at really affordable prices!

Brazilianhairtop is a business with more than 15 years of professional experience, that's how you know you can trust their services 100%. They produce from human hair bundles, full lace wigs, lace front wigs to hair extensions and specialize in virgin hair materials and human hair collections.
As they are a wholesale vendor it means that the prices are super affordable, and that's something to consider – specially if you are opening a new business! With them, you will ensure that the materials that you receive have the highest quality without having to spend crazy money. Also, their customer service is excellent, always whiling to help if you have any doubts and they can even send sample packages if you are interested and considering getting their services.

Before I was telling you about the different type of products that they offer on their website: www.brazilianhairtop.com, and the thing is that the variety of human hairs that they have is amazing. If you check their products section, you will find: Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, Cambodian and Chinese type of hair products! Also, something that I really liked about their website is that at the end of every section they answer Frequently Asked Questions about that type of hair and why you should get it! Something really useful specially if you have doubts about what to purchase.

All in all, just by looking at their website you can tell it's a trust-worthy company that provides high quality products. They also allow customers to add their opinions and reviews – which always helps when it comes to decide whether trusting a company or not! Besides that, there's plenty of information and everything is very well explained! 

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Hello beauties!
In today's post I want to talk to you about an online fashion store called Feelingirldress which is well known for manufacturing and selling excellent quality women's clothing. If you check out their website, you will see the huge range of products that they offer: from adult costumes, corsets, bikini sets etc. to shapewear, chemises, underwear...  lot of affordable fashion products which are definitely worth checking out!

Here in Spain it's getting colder day by day and now that Autumn has arrived, it kind of feels right to start checking and changing our wardrobes from the summer clothes to the autumn/winter ones. That means it's good to include some new outfits, because who can say no to that?! That's why when I was browsing through Feelingirldress website I couldn't help myself but to check out their blouse wholesale section. In there you can find amazing and beautiful blouses with lots of different designs, patterns & colours, that definitely suit every style and every person! I was also amazed by how affordable their clothes are, it's the perfect way to fresh up your wardrobe on a budget! Below I'm going to show you one of my favourite blouses that I found on their webiste, it costs less than $7 and I find the design super beautiful and trendy!

Link to white blouse

Another of my favourite clothing to wear during autumn and winter are cardigans, I tend to always buy them because they are so cozy and it's an amazing way to keep warm! Before, I mentioned how affordable their clothes are, and the thing is that their range of cheap cardigans is incredible. You can find lots of styles in different colours, which is really good as they offer lot of alternatives.

Link to beige cardigan

Link to pink cardigan

Feelingirldress offers worldwide shipping, also their customer service is up 24/7 which is a huge relief in case of any doubts or problems! So now that November is approaching, I wouldn't hesitate to check Feelingirldress blackfriday 2020 offers!

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Hello beauties!

I think I've never done this kind of post in my blog, but I kind of wanted to share
with you my experience while traveling and visiting Lanzarote!

Lanzarote is one of the islands that form the Canary Islands (they belong to Spain) located off the West African coast, it is well known for its warm weather, the beaches and the most important: its volcanic landscape!
I traveled alongside my friend, we rented a car as it's the best way to visit it! We booked an air bnb in a place called 'Caleta de Famara', located in the North of the Island and known for its beach and the surf life. I absolutely loved the apartment and the village! It is surrounded by either the ocean and volcanic mountains, something completely wonderful.

All the photos belong to me, please do NOT steal

The day after we arrived, we decided to keep visiting the North of the Island so we went to: Jameos del agua, Cueva de los Verde and Jardín de Cactus as its all pretty close. One of my favourite was Cueva de los Verde, as it's a volcanic cave 50m below surface. There's a guide who takes you through it and explains everything in a 50 minute route. Personally it's one of the highlights of this trip! Jameos & Jardín de Cactus was absolutely beautiful as well, you can take amazing photos!
Jameos del Agua left photo / Jardín de Cactus right photo

The next day we visited the south of the island, where you can find the most important and famous volcano: The Timanfaya. We drove all the way to it and from there we parked the car and took a bus which drives you around it – this is the only way you can visit it. It was a very interesting experience! After that we decided to keep exploring the south: went to a village called Yaiza where we had lunch, and visited el Lago Verde located in El Golfo, a natural green lake surrounded by a beach with black sand! (I loved that!).
Lago Verde left photo / Timanfaya right photo

On the third day we decided to take a ferry to La Graciosa, an island which is Very close to Lanzarote. You can travel there from Orzola, a village located at the very north of the island. The only way to visit La Graciosa is by bike or walking, as it's considered a natural area. We spent the day on the beach and also had lunch in a cute restaurant. We had a lot of relaxing fun!

The last day we stayed at 'Caleta de Famara' and took a surf class in the morning. We paid for half a day which was 2.5h –and trust me, it was an amazing experience, in only that amount of time I learned how to stand up in the surf table! I loved it! The teacher was very cool and friendly, it was a nice way to meet new people as well!

When it comes to food: I think I've never eaten so much seafood in my life! I love seafood and fish, and there you can eat it as much as you want – and the best of all: It's super cheap! It also depends on the area, but what I noticed is that the more you went to the North the cheaper it was! My favourite restaurant was one called 'Amanecer' in a place called Arrieta, it was next to Jameos del Agua and Cueva de los Verde. Me and my friend ate a 'parrillada de pescado', which was a huge plate full of different type of fishes and seafood + salad. And then we ordered a typical Canarian dessert called 'polvito canario', most delicious thing you could ever try! The seafood plate was 18€ per person and it was fresh fish! Loved that place!

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