Hello beautiful people!
Today's post is about an online shop called 'Getnamenecklace', a jewelry manufacturer that offers high quality and super beautiful and fashionable personalized jewelry!

Now, who doesn't love personalized jewelry? I love it, plus not only it's nice to wear it on yourself, but to give it as a gift to someone else!
At Getnamenecklace there is a professional team of designers who create these masterpieces: from necklaces, to chockers, rings,... and even pendants! They use the latest jewelry making technology to ensure that the quality and service provided are the best. Plus the prices are super affordable and the quality is amazing. 

As soon as you visit the website you can see and go through the large variety of products that they offer. It is very easy to navigate and to find the products desired, also you can take advantage of the different offers that they provide and that they announce online!

One of my favourite product is the personalized name necklace as I think it adds a super beautiful and luxurious touch every time you wear it! If you click on the link you will see all the different designs that they offer and also you can choose from different colours, lettering, stones, metal materials and even thickness!
Some examples of what you can find are the ones I am showing you under, like the Personalized Box Chain Carrie Name Necklace (first image).

They offer excellent and fast delivery service and you can contact them online or via e-mail! They have a professional team which takes care of all the procedures and ensures the best service and the clients satisfaction!

Hope you like their variety of designs and want to know amore
What is your favourite design?
Would you get personalized jewelry?

See you soon!

Hello babes!
Sadly i'm not posting as often as I'd like to post, but i'm trying to keep the blog updated because I really enjoy posting and sharing my favourite things with you guys.
Some changes have been going on in my life, I moved back home in Spain from the UK some months ago and I've started a new job so that's why I haven't been 100% focused on the blog. But I'll try to keep this updated from now on! :)

In today's post I want to show you some Kbeauty palettes that I find really cute and affordable! I haven't tried any of them, but they have pretty good reviews in general.

One of the main differences from Western and Korean palettes is that Korean ones tend to be less pigmented because the main focus is to create a more natural and glowy look. So if you are planning to get one you should have that into consideration! Despite that, I am really looking forward to buy one and try it by myself!

All of them are cheaper than $15, so I really think
it's good to give them a try! Hope you liked today's post.

Have you ever tried Kbeauty palettes?
Would you like to?