Hello babes,
I'm pretty sure you have heard about global fashion online shopping site called Dresslily! But in case you haven't, let me tell you a little bit about it! They offer a wide range of Fashion, Accessories and and Home decoration products, all at very affordable prices!
Recently they reached me out, letting me know about their latest promotion 12.12, which I actually think it's amazing and worth having a look at! They offer up to 90% discount with free shipping world wide! 



Some time ago I did a Dresslily review - which btw, you can check in here- and I was very happy with my experience and with the quality of the products! The shipping was really fast and I didn't have any problems when it came to receiving the package.
Not only they provided a 25% off coupon, but free shipping all over the world! They always have promotions and coupon codes going on, for example: to celebrate the 12.12 activity they offered two purchases for $19.99. That's why it's very worth to check on their amazing offers!

I'd like to show you a wishlist with some of the products that they have in this amazing promotion, so you can see by yourself what they offer and what i like the most :) And all at really amazing and affordable prices, like the first jacket which currently has a price of €21,30!

1. Teddy Bear pocket jacket was €27,26 now €21,30
2. Multiway off the shoulder top €6,47
3. Sequin trimmed chiffon party dress was €22,17 now €16,97
4. Long sleeve burgundy bodycon dress was €19,22 now €10,38

As you can see, their range of products is perfect for every type of occasion and the prices couldn't be more affordable! Definitely a good chance to buy at amazing prices with free shipping!
This offer is available for a limited time: until the 31st of December + 30% off!

What about you, have you ever purchased in Dresslily?
What is your favourite item from the wishlist?
Hello babes!
I haven't been able to post in a long time, i've moved back to Spain and it's been crazy!
But i finally got some time between the moving and work to take some photos with the new items i've got from Rosegal!

Oh, by the way, here are some discounts for you to use in their website and save some money!

Use code " RGjanedw4" for  $3 off $25; $6 off $50; $12 off $100; 
Enjoy 25% Discount with coupon: RGBF1

And following with my obsession for fluffy jackets I ordered -again- this pink flurry and fluffy one! And i have to say I am completely in love with this one! The colour is super pretty, and I am AMAZED by the quality of the jacket. It's pretty short but I already noticed that when I ordered it online, the size is perfect though as it fits perfectly. I love the detail in the zipper and also the colour of it - it's a golden colour that matches really well with the pastel pink of the jacket! So far I am super happy with all the fluffy jackets i've ordered from Rosegal, I COMPLETELY recommend them because i don't have enough words to describe how nice and good quality they are!

By the way, I also ordered that black tattoo elastic choker that I am wearing and that was so popular in the 90s! I used to have one and i loved it, but unfortunately I lost it. This one is exactly the same as the one I had and i couldn't love it more! Plus it's extremely cheap!

The last two items I ordered are this black stretchy deep u dress and this hoop tassels earrings.
When it comes to the dress, I think it's very nice and the material is nice, but unfortunately the size was way to big on me so I didn't like much how it looked on me. If I ordered a smaller size it would be perfect. Plus I love the detail in the back, I think it adds a very sexy touch.
On the other side, the earrings are really beautiful, i love them! I am not used to wear this type of earrings but I wanted to get ones so bad and I'm really surprised by how nice they are!

I hope you like this haul!
Hopefully I'll be more around here
from now on!

Hello babes!
Christmas is around the corner and in Rosegal they are already getting ready for it! With amazing discounts and coupon codes so everyone can save some money! If you use this code:

Merry Christmas, Use code RGBF1 and get extra 25% off

Also, if you click in the picture above it will take you directly to their website!
I would like to show you a wishlist with some of my current favourite items from Rosegal website Merry Christmas sale!

1. Black double breasted epaulete coat
2. Lace vintage flare dress
3. Plus size long sleeve cocktail dress

You can find my last Rosegal review in here.
I got a super nice fluffy pink jacket which I am absolutely in love with! I also got other products like a choker, earrings and a dress. I really like Rosegal's customer service and the delivery is FREE and super fast! I absolutely recommend it! Here are some pictures of the products I got:

Hope you like this wishlist!
What about you,
have you ever purchased in Rosegal?
Hello babes!
My dear friend from the blog Freak Muffin nominated me to a Liebster Award, which I am very thankful for!! I am going to write this post in English so everyone understands :D!
Also, I want to apologize if these days i am not posting much. I am going through a period of lot of changes and my time is very tight, also my emotions are like a rollercoaster so sometimes I don't feel much like writing posts. Soon I'll have more time so I'll be able to write more content :)

¿Which is your favourite book and the one you like the least?
I haven't read a book in ages, but I can say my favorite book is one I read years ago called "Si el amor es una isla" by Esther Sanz. The one I like the least is Frankenstein.

A character from a series or a film that you can't stand
Well I am going to say Joffrey Baratheon from Game Of Thrones, Lu from Elite or Hiram Lodge from Riverdale!

What did you dream last night
I can't remember to be honest!

If you could be the main character from a book or a comic, which one would you be?
Probably Harry Potter but in female version! I love the whole Harry Potter world!

Something you would like to do but you still haven't done
Travel outside of Europe, my dream is to visit Japan, South Korea or Cuba!

Zodiac sign?
I am Aquarius! :)

A trend that everyone loves but you hate
I don't like the trend of wearing socks with sleepers, aka this:

A trip you still have to do, or a country you would love to visit
I've mentioned it before but Japan is the first on my list, also México as I have a friend who is from there and he always tells me I should go and visit!

Favourite perfume?
J'adore by Dior or Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier

Which are the last songs you've listened to?
Reggaeton by J. Balvin and Has Cambiado by Gadiel & Justin Quiles

Person or favourite character: Someone you admire
Tupac Shakur without any doubt!

Blogs I nominate:

Trends and fashion | The Creation of Beauty & whoever wants to do it!

My questions:

Which accessory you can't live without?
Favourite lipstick
Last movie you went to watch to the cinema
If you had to choose a dish/food to eat for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Your favourite Saturday night plan
You have to choose one: clothes or makeup?
Which one is your favourite city so far?
Would you like to get married?
Chocolate or pizza?
Favourite colour?
Person who inspires you the most

Hope you like this post,
it's more personal that what i usually post!

Hello babes!
As we all know this week is Black Friday which means lot of discounts and savings!
Rosegal's BLACK FRIDAY has:

- The lowest prices of the year


- Free shipping worldwide

- Enjoy 25% Discount with CODE: RGBF1

Link to Rosegal's BLACK FRIDAY

- #Share Items and Get All Items Free: Click“share & get it free" Button share the items to social media and get it for free

Here are the last items I got from Rosegal! That fluffy jacket is absolutely amazing!
 You can find the review by clicking on this link:

Don't forget to use the code: RGBF1 to get a big discount on the items you buy in Rosegal!!

Hello babes!
In today's post I want to talk to you about Jeulia, an online Jewelry shop where you can find all sorts of jewelry products: from necklaces, bracelets to wedding jewelry, charms, etc.! And the best of all: each one of their products is 100% artisanal.

As I've mentioned before, they have a huge Wedding Jewelry Collection where each one of the pieces is absolutely beautiful and highly customizable- which is amazing, as you can ensure that the piece that you get is going to be completely unique and authentic as you are!

One of my favourite wedding Jewelry products are -of course- wedding rings! I personally think choosing the right rings is one of the most important steps, as the design and the style is going to define the bond between the couple and moreover, evoke an emotional and unique connection!
With Jeulia, you can ensure that your wedding rings are going to be carefully hand crafted, highly personalized, with an excellent quality and something very important: at a very accessible price.
Also, they offer a variety of unique wedding ring sets, which makes it even easier to choose from their large variety!

I would like to show you some of my favourite designs that they offer on their website, you can find every link attached to the picture in case you are interested in any of them!

1. Double Halo Pear Cut ring
2. Scrollwork Sterling Silver ring
3. Moissanite princess Cut gold ring
4. Halo Split Shank Faux Pearl ring

Looking for the right wedding rings is as important as looking for the right wedding dress, that's why with Jeulia you can ensure that the rings will achieve the highest of the standards when it comes to quality, personalisation and price!

What about you, have you ever thought of getting married?
Which one is your favourite ring?

Have a nice day!

Hello babes!
Today's post is very exciting for me, as it's a haul in collaboration with fashion online store Rosegal!
I'll show you the products that i've got alongside with the links to each one of them so if you are interested you can check them out!

Also here you have some discount coupons:
Use code "RGjanedw4" for $3 off $25; $6 off $50; $12 off $100; 

PS. All the photos are taken by my amazing friend María 💖

The first item that I got is this amazing Faux Fur jacket in a caramel brown colour. If i could describe this item with a word it would be: AMAZING. It is super soft and the quality is absolutely incredible! Plus it's very warm and comfortable: I have to confess that I wear it almost every day as it's gotten very cold and it keeps me super warm. I love the fact that it has a zipper and two big pockets in each side, which turns to be very convenient (I am those kind of people who puts stuff in the pockets all the time).
I've also noticed that people has complimented this jacket a lot, saying that it's super beautiful and it seems very cozy! All in all I am super satisfied with this item, i don't have any negative comments about it to be honest with you!

Alongside with the jacket I also got this PU leather choker with a big metal circular detail. The quality of this choker is very nice for its price, I thought the circle would be a little bit smaller though, but that's not a big problem! I think if you combine it with the right clothes it can add a very nice touch to any fashion look!! Plus the fact that it is black makes it very easy to combine.

Last but not least I got an Octopus shaped multipoint scalp massager - I've always wanted one as I LOVE this massage tool, and for me it was the perfect oportunity when I saw it in Rosegal! What can I say? it is amazing as it works very well, it has stainless steel claws and it adapts really well to the scalp. It is a very nice tool for stress relief and blood circulation, if you have never tried it I really recommend it!

All in all i'm super happy with the three items, I think i've made really nice choices and the quality of all of them is amazing! I really reccomend purchasing in Rosegal as the quality and price is spot on!

What about you, have you ever purchased in Rosegal?
Which item do you like the most?

I read you!

Hello babes!
This post is inform you about Rosegal's Global Shopping Festival which is taking place from the 13th to the 22nd of November.
In this event you can find a huge amount of discounts, with Clearance Prices under $11.99!  and even buying two pieces for only $24.99!

As you probably may know, Rosegal is an online fashion store where you can find all variety of beautiful clothes and the most important: in a very large variety of sizes and at really amazing prices! My experience with them has been really good so far, their customer service is excellent and the shipping is FREE! plus it is really fast, it normally takes less than 10 days to arrive :)

I'd like to show you some items you could find in this November-Clearance SALE:

Purple neck ribbed sweater
Velvet plus size swimsuit
Batwings bodycon dress

If you have never bought at Rosegal, I really reccomend it! I'm sure you won't be disappointed. If you would like to check my last Rosegal fashion haul, here is the link
I also recommend checking out their website - clearance link as you can find discount codes for different type of purchases :)

Hope you find this post informative and useful :)
See you soon!

Hola guapis!
El mes pasado hice un post sobre una wishlist de ropa estilo Coreano que gustó mucho,
y como me quedaron muchas cosas por enseñar he decidido hacer la segunda parte de ese post
para que así veáis más cositas que me gustaría adquirir de este estilo!

Espero que os gusten las prendas escogidas, toda la ropa que enseño la podéis encontrar por Aliexpress! PD: Este post no es en colaboración con ninguna empresa!

(ninguna de las fotos me pertenece, créditos a los autores)

Hello babes!
Last month I published a Korean fashion wishlist and everybody liked it a lot! So I've decided to post the second part, as there were lots of clothes that I couldn't show you in the first one and that I'd love to buy in a future!

I hope you like the wishlist,  if you are interested in any of these you can find them in Aliexpress webiste! PS: this post is not sponsored!

(any of the pictures belong to me, credit to the authors)

¿Cuál os gusta más?
¿Os pondríais alguna de estas prendas?
Os leo en los comentarios!

Which one do you like the most?
Would you wear any of these?
Let me know in the comments!

Hello babes!
Today's post is sponsored by Wholesale Airtrack, an air track gymnastics manufacturer with 9 years of experience. Their technology has been highly advanced and mature and during all these 9 years they have been improving the quality of their air tracks getting to a point were what they offer is nothing but high-quality, good looking and durable air tumble tracks!

One of the reasons why they sell the best air tracks for gymnastics is because they only use the highest quality materials. Plus, they are very strict with product manufacturing and testing standards.

Just so you know, their production method consists basically in two steps.

Step 1: Shaping the airtrack, so they ensure it is completely flat and it doesn’t has any air leaks.

Step 2: Reinforcement, where they use an edging strip to reinforce and ensure that there are no leaks and that the surface of the product is well cleaned.

They ensure that the product passes all the required steps and quality tests, so when they send it, it reaches the highest quality standard and the customer is completely satisfied with the purchase.

Moreover, the product warranty is two years and it is sent with a US-made repair kit completely for FREE plus a special free bag, which will protect it during transportation and make it easier to carry later.

Their shipping is also free worldwide with door to door shipping so the customer experience is absolutely hassle-free.

So probably you are wondering, what are air tracks used for?  Well, the most common use is in gymnastics but you can also use it for personal use, cheerleading, parkour, in schools, playgrounds and even in stadiums. Every air track can be adapted to the personal needs of the customer, so that’s a huge relief if you have doubts about customization!

If you visit their website you can find the best air track for gymnastics and you can choose air tumble tracks from their large variety of colours (their top ten best-selling colors are: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, purple, black, mint green, lake green) sizes and models. Such as this blue and gray air track gymnastic tumbling mat which we can find in other colours such as pink!

Also, you can fully customize them, as your name or logo can be printed on your gym air track 
for free! 

So if you are into gymnastics or other activities that require air tracks, wholesale airtrack is the place to purchase them!They offer professional pre-sales and after-sales service, along with daily 12 hours of online service. Also, they have a policy of no 12-hour exceeding email reply, which personally I think it's fantastic!

What about you, are you into gymnastics?
Have you ever tried air tracks before?

Hope this post is informative enough for you :)