Hola guapis!
Hace poco me entraron ganas de probar algo nuevo en cuanto a maquillaje se refiere, así que decidí hacer algo que nunca antes he hecho: usar sombra de ojos azul. Debo admitir que no soy muy fan de este tipo de colores más fríos como sombras de ojos, siempre suelo usar más colores rosados, anaranjados... en conclusión, más cálidos.

Para este look he usado la paleta de maquillaje The Festival Palette de Juvia's Place (que por cierto hace un tiempo hice la review, aquí tenéis el enlace por si queréis echarle un vistazo!). El resultado me gustó bastante aunque como he dicho, me veía un poco rara porque este tipo de colores no son los que suelo llevar!

Hello babes!
Not long ago I wanted to try and create a different make up look, that's why I decided to use blue eyeshadow (something i've never tried before). I have to admit I am not a big fan of this type of colours when it comes to eyeshadow, I always tend to use more nude, pink and orange colours.

For this look I've used The Festival palette by Juvia's Place (by the way, I wrote a review some months ago, you can check it out here!). All in all I liked the result even though I was feeling a little bit strange because it's not the type of colours I normally use. Anyway, I hope you like it :)

A continuación os dejo una foto de los productos usados, a parte de la paleta utilicé el corrector de Essence Camouflage para crear un cut crease. Algunas de las brochas son de Rosegal y las pestañas postizas son de Primark, de una marca que se llama GWA (Girls With Attitude).

Up next I'm going to show you a picture with some of the products I used to create the look, besides the eyeshadow palette I used Essence Camouflage concealer to create a cut crease. Some of the brushes are from Rosegal and the fake eyelashes are from Primark, the brand is called GWA (Girls With Attitude).

Y estos son los colores que he usado para crear el look - por cierto, si queréis que haga algún tutorial enseñando como lo he hecho escribírmelo en los comentarios!

And these are the colours I used to create the look - btw, if you would like me to do a tutorial showing how i've achieved this look please let me know in the comments!

Espero que os haya gustado el look!
Y vosotr@s, ¿os gusta utilizar azul en los ojos?
¿Habéis probado algún producto de los mencionados?
Un besito!

I hope you like the look!
Do you like using blue eyeshadow?
Have you ever tried any of the products mentioned?

Hola guapis!
Estoy muy contenta por el post de hoy, ya que es una colaboración con mi amiga Anđela, su blog se llama Andjelina Svastara y ella es de Serbia :) Es super simpática y agradable y me contactó para preguntarme si quería hacer una colaboración muy original y divertida!

Ella me envió 5 palabras - relacionadas con maquillaje- en Serbio (que conste que yo no se Serbio) y yo tengo que adivinar qué es lo que significan esas palabras sin usar el traductor. Una vez piense y escriba lo que creo que significan, tengo que mirar si me he equivocado o no! Así que vamos allá! (tengo el presentimiento de que lo haré fatal...)

Hello babes!
I am very excited for today's post, as it's a post in collaboration with my blogger friend Anđela, her blog is Andjelina Svastara and she is from Serbia :) She is a super nice and friendly friend and contacted me to ask if I wanted to do a very fun and interesting collaboration!

She sent me 5 make up related words in Serbian (I have no idea about Serbian) and I have to guess what those words mean without checking the translator. Once I do (and i write) what I think it means, I need to check if my guess is right or wrong! Let's get into it! (I have the feeling I'll do terrible...) 

1. Puder
Esta palabra se parece a "powder" en inglés así que creo que puede que sean polvos de maquillaje.
This word is similar to "powder" so i'm going to say it's powder!

Lo he adivinado :D!
I got it right! :D

2. Ajlajner
 Se que en algunos países la J se pronuncia como la I así que voy a decir que se refiere a eyeliner! :)

I know that in some countries the J is pronounced as I so my guess is eyeliner :)

Yaaay lo he adivinado :D! 
Yaaaay I got it right!!

3. Šampon
De esta no estoy muy segura, me recuerda a "shampoo", así que me voy a arriesgar y voy a decir que es shampoo.

I am not sure about this word, it reminds of "shampoo" so i'm going to say it refers to that!

Si! lo he adivinado otra vez! *_*
Yes! I got it right again *_*

4. Balzam
Esta palabra se parece a "bálsamo" así que voy a decir que es bálsamo para los labios.

This word reminds of balm so i'm going to say its lip balm.

La he adivinado :) era bastante fácil!
I guessed it :) it was pretty easy!

5. Četkica
Esta la voy a fallar seguro porque la verdad es que no tengo ni la más remota idea! voy a decir que se refiere a colorete, por decir algo!
I have absolutely no idea about this one! I'm going to say blush, but i don't really know!
Obviamente esta no la he adivinado! Significa brocha!
Obviously I got it wrong! I just checked and it means Brush!

Y estas son todas las palabras! He adivinado 4/5, no está nada mal! 
¿Qué os ha parecido el post? Espero que os haya gustado!
Y si alguien se anima a hacerlo podéis enviarme un e-mail :)

Gracias a Anđela por esta iniciativa :)
No olvidéis visitar su blog!

And these are all the words! I've guessed 4/5, not bad!
What do you think about this post? Hope you like it!
And if someone wants to do it, you can send me an e-mail :)

Thanks to Anđela for contacting me :)
Don't forget to check out her blog!

Hello babes!
I love two piece clothes, I think they are always a nice option, especially when combined nicely with some accessories such as a beautiful bag, some nice necklaces or earring and heels. In today's wishlist I want to show you some nice two piece clothes from Dresslily. They have a wide range of two piece clothes, worth having a look at! I am also showing you some new accessories that they have on their website, perfect to complete the whole look! If you are interested in any of the ones I show you, you can find the links under the images! :)

Btw, here are some coupons so you can save money on your next order at Dresslily!

Use code " DLbunny " for all order with over 25USD save 3USD ( 3 time limited )
Use code "DLbunny" for all order with over 50USD save 6USD( 3 time limited )
Use code "DLbunny" for all order with over 100USD save 12USD ( 3 time limited )

1- Puff sleeve bandeau white top and skirt
2- Lemon printed crop top and skirt
3- Floral print crop top and skirt
4- Red tie up bra top and ruffle skirt
5. Ruffle Shired two piece dress

1-  Catty driving sunglasses
2- Straw Crossbody bag
3- Teardrop geometric necklaces
4- Straw Crossbody bag
5- Drop earrings in yellow

It's time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily prepare the best high-quality but low-prices products for you, make you free under all occasion for Monday to Friday

Do you like two-piece clothes? Which one is your favourite?
I hope you have a nice day!

Hello babes!
Recently I have received some goodies from Rosegal and today I am going to show you these products :) You will find the link to every product attached to the title of each product in case you are interested! Also very soon is Rosegal's anniversary and they have lots of discount coupons, here are some so you can enjoy shopping at their website!

Use code "RGbunny" for all order 15% off (From July 2, 2018 to July 22, 2018)
Use code "RosegalL" for all order over 50usd off 17% (From July 15, 2018 to July 19, 2018)
Use code " RGbunny5th " for all order over 25usd off 3usd,over 50usd off 7usd,over 80usd off 13usd,over 100usd off 15usd (From July 2, 2018 to July 22, 2018)

Free Shipping Worldwide, Shop from $1.99, Coupon up to $500, etc... Enjoy Rosegal 5th Anniversary Carnival (Jul. 16th to 18th): https://www.rosegal.com/promotion-5th-anniversary-sale-special-675.html?lkid=14436098
Rosegal Unconditional Refund with Quality, Non-received, Size Issue within 24 Hours: 

This button up dress is very pretty, it gives me 70s and 80s vibes as it reminds me of a similar dress my mum used to wear when she was younger! I thought the colour would be more of a pastel pink as on the website it seems lighter but all in all is an amazing dress, plus the quality is awesome and it's super comfortable and fresh, perfect for the summer!

2. Floral Twist Romper

I really like this floral romper I think the colours are very pretty and I like the twisted part in the front. Even though it fits a little bit bigger than expected (especially from the back part), I think it can be fixed easily (hopefully with my mum superpowers!). All in all is a super cute piece with an extra original touch :)

3. Rose gold make up brushes

Last but not least I ordered this set of 20 make up brushes. I have to say they are super pretty I personally love the colour and they are also quite soft. My favourite is the fan brush, as it works pretty well the highlighter!

How to style your curves!

Have you ever purchased in Rosegal before?
I hope you like this haul! kisses!

Hello babes!
Recently I decided to update my morning skin care routine -especially now that summer is here!
I've been trying some new products that i really like and I want to share them with all of you.

I must say, my skin care routine (either morning and night) is quite minimal when it comes to number of products (that varies on the skin type of every person and preferences- I guess). So for your information, I have quite of a dry and sensitive skin except for my t-zone area, which is a little bit oily (but no a lot). So in case you have a similar skin condition as mine, I really think this post can help you a lot! :)

1- The first step of my morning skin care routine is to wash my face with lukewarm water (plus it helps me to be less sleepy!)

2- After that I apply the first product, which is called "Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%" by the Ordinary. As the lady from the store told me, this product is good for those people who have an oily t-zone and wish to minimize the pores as well as the oiliness.

3- Then I apply "Hylauronic Acid 2% + B5" by the Ordinary as well. This helps hydrate the skin surface temporarily plus it has vitamin B5. It's recommended to apply it before any other face creams!

4- After the Hylauronic AcidI apply The Ordinary "Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA". This is a surface Hydration formula which will help the skin to stay even more hydrated and mosturized. It doesn't have any oils or silicones in it so it's perfect, plus the more you use it the better results you will expect on the skin.

5- The last and probably one of the most important steps in my morning skin care routine is to apply sunscreen! Especially now in summer, when the sun can be really aggressive to our skin. The one I use I buy it in the pharmacy and it's called "Heliocare 360º", it has SPF 50 (I always sunburn easily) and it's oil free. I really like this sunscreen plus it smells really good!

What about you, do you also follow a morning skin care routine?
Have you ever tried any of the products i've mentioned?

Thanks for reading! kisses!

¡Hola guapis!
En el post de hoy os traigo algunos productos de belleza de marcas Occidentales juntamente con  dupes o productos muy parecidos que pertenecen a marcas Coreanas! Como podréis ver algunos productos coreanos son mas asequibles económicamente respecto a los Occidentales!

He estado haciendo un poco de búsqueda y estos son los productos más populares entre los "dupes". La verdad es que no he probado ninguno de ellos excepto por el Eye primer Poof 10 de Etude House (y realmente funciona muy bien!). Así que este post es más una guía para toda aquella gente interesada en el mundo Kbeauty y que buscan algo más barato pero de igual calidad!

Hello babes!
In today's post I am going to talk about beauty products from Western brands alongside some Kbeauty dupes or very similar products! As you will see some Korean products are more affordable than the Western ones!

I've been doing some research and these are the most popular dupes I've found! To be honest I haven't tried any of them except for the Etude House Proof 10 eyeprimer (and it works wonders!). So this post is just a guide for
all those people who are interested in the Kbeauty world and are looking for more affordable but good quality options!

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation VS. 
Double Lasting Foundation Etude House

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz VS.
Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow pencil

3. The Porefessional by Benefit VS.
Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Prime

4. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion VS.
Etude House Proof 10 Eye primer

5. Clinique Moisture Surge VS.
 Moistfull Collagen Cream by Etude House

6. Benefit Hoola VS.
 Too Cool for School Art Class by Rodin bronzer

Y vosotr@s, ¿habéis probado alguno de estos products? Recomendáis alguno?
Espero poder actualizar esta lista en el futuro!
Muchos besos!

Have you ever tried any of these products? Would you recommend any of these?
 Hopefully I can update this list every now and then!
Have a nice day, kisses!