¡Hola guapis!
He estado desaparecida durante algunas semanas ya que este mes ha sido de locos por no decir de los más duros de este año. He tomado decisiones bastante importantes en mi vida y lo he pasado bastante mal, pero ahora estoy aquí de nuevo y espero volver a subir posts regularmente como antes! :)

Hoy vengo a enseñaros algunos de los productos de maquillaje Japonés (Jbeauty) más populares y de los más vendidos en Japón. Aún no he tenido la oportunidad de probar ninguno de ellos, pero definitivamente espero poder hacerlo pronto ya que solo he probado productos de belleza Coreanos (en lo que viene siendo cosmética asiática).

Hello babes!
I haven't been posting for a while as this month has been really crazy and one of the hardest. I've taken important decisions regards my life and i've been feeling a little bit down, but now I am here again and I hope I update the blog as often and regular as I used to do :) 

Today I'm going to show you some of the most popular Japanese make up products (Jbeauty). I haven't had the opportunity to try any of these yet, but I'm hoping to do that in the near future as i've only tried Kbeauty products (when it comes to Asian cosmetics).

Any of the images belong to me, credit to their creators*

1. Mineral Watery Foundation by Shiseido Integrate

Esta base de maquillaje es muy popular en Japón y ha ganado varios premios a lo largo de los años. Es bastante acuosa, parecida a un bb cream y tiene propiedades hidratantes para la piel!

This foundation is very popular in Japan as it has won numerous awards. As its name indicates, it's quite watery, similar to a bb cream and it has mosturizing properties!

2. Canmake Cream cheek

Canmake es una de las marcas que más ganas tengo de probar! Venden productos de maquillaje con una relación calidad/precio más que razonable! Estos coloretes en formato crema son muy populares ya que dicen que dejan un acabado en la piel muy luminoso y bonito!

Canmake is one of the Japanese brands that i can't wait to try! They sell make up products with an amazing quality/price! These blushes come in a cream format and they are super popular because of the luminous and mosturized effect they leave on the skin!

3. Isehan Heroine Make Long & Curl waterproof mascara
He oído hablar mucho sobre esta mascara de pestañas, la mayoría han sido reseñas positivas y la gente dice que funciona muy bien ya que su cupillón ayuda mucho a rizar y alargar las pestañas!
Algo que también he oído es que cuesta muchísimo de quitar, pero eso suele pasar con muchas máscaras de pestañas japonesas, por algún motivo - o al menos eso es lo que mucha gente dice (?)

I've heard about this mascara a lot, majority of times in a positive way as people say it works really well when it comes to curl and enlarge the lashes! Something i've also heard about it it's that is quite hard to remove, but that happens with lots of Japanese mascaras for some reason - or at least that's what people say (?)

Y esto es todo por hoy! :) Decidme si os gustan este tipo de posts y así
continuaré haciendo posts de la temática Jbeauty!
Alguna vez habéis probado estos productos?
Probaríais cosmética Japonesa?

Os leo!

That's all for today! :) Let me know if you like this type
of posts so i'll continue and do a series of Jbeauty products!
Have you ever tried any of these?
Would you try Jbeauty?

I read you!

¡Hola guapis!
En el post de hoy he decidido mostraros una wishlist the algunas prendas de ropa de "estilo Coreano" que me parecen super bonitas. Es un estilo bastante kawaii, así que si os gustan las cosas kawaii, los colores pasteles, etc. probablemente os guste este estilo de ropa!

Muchas de las prendas que os voy a enseñar las podéis encontrar online muy facilmente, aunque si os digo la verdad la mayoría de las veces las compro por Aliexpress! :)
PD: Este post no es en colaboración con ninguna web o empresa.

Hello babes!
In today's post I've decided to show you a Korean fashion wishlist with some items that i personally think they are super cute and beautiful. If you love everything kawaii, pastel colours, etc. you will probably like this fashion style! :)

A lot of the items I will show you are very easy to find online, but if I am honest with you I normally purchase them in Aliexpress :)
PS: This post is not sponsored

Como podéis observar tengo una obsesión con todo lo que lleve melocotones bordados, me parece super adorable!
Y a vosotr@s, ¿os gusta este estilo de ropa?
¿que prenda os ha gustado más?
Un besito!

As you can see I have an obsession with everything that has embroidered peaches!
What about you, do you like this clothing style?
Which item do you like the most?

Hello babes!
I'm so excited for today's post as it's a collaboration with an amazing Harajuku Fashion Store called Juku Store! In Juku Store you can find amazing Harajuku style clothing, accessories, anime/cosplay items like wigs, clothing, etc. and even super cool items for all Kpop lovers! The variety is huge and everything is super cute and high quality! Also, you can join their Juku Club and purchase their store items with a 40% discount for ever!

If you've followed my blog for a while you probably have noticed that I am a huge Sailor Moon fan, so I didn't doubt to choose from all their variety of items this amazing Luna inspired backpack! I chose it in black colour but it is also available in white and dusk gray!
The shipping took between 3 and 4 weeks as Juku Store is a US based store so international shipping takes a little bit longer!

I am really impressed with this backpack, it came really well protected and in an excellent condition. The size is perfect as it's not very small but neither huge, you can fit in lot of different stuff - such as everyday essentials, ipad, small laptop, etc.- as it's super spacious! Also, there are three small compartments inside of it and one includes a zipper. One of the things that I like the most about this backpack it's the fact that you can wear it in 3 different ways only by changing the straps, as those are detachable. Believe me, that makes it super adaptable and comfortable! The first way is as a shoulder bag, the second as a backpack and the last one as a crossbody bag.

3 ways of wearing the backpack

The details are very well done, and you can tell it's a nice quality bag as it's quite sturdy. The two cat ears are super cute as they add a beautiful touch to the design, and also the gold moon is super beautiful. Totally Luna! I like the fact that it's a bag which you can wear on a daily basis, plus it's very easy to combine- that's actually one of the reasons why i chose it in black!  It doesn't has a zipper, but it has a like a magnet button to close it. It also has a pocket placed outside the inside of the bag which makes it even easier when it comes to organization! On the bottom of it, it has four small protective items which prevents the bottom from being damaged.

In conclusion, I am very happy with the Luna backpack that I got from Juku Store! The quality is amazing, the attention to detail is really good and it's super adaptable and comfortable to wear. I absolutely recommend buying from Juku Store, as not only they have proven to have high quality items but their customer service is really good and super attentive! I want to personally thank Jef for the support and believing in my blog! :)

What about you, have you ever purchased in Juku Store?
Do you like this backpack?
Have a nice day!

Hello babes!
In today's post I want to show you the last dress wishlist in collaboration with Babyonline dress.de. This time i will be showing you different fancy ball gowns, fancy bridal gowns and fancy cocktail dresses! :)
Just a reminder that in their website they have a huge variety of dresses for special occasions at very affordable prices!

Fancy Ball gowns

Blue elegant dress
Red princess dress
Two piece pink dress

Fancy bridal gowns

Luxury white princess dress
White evening dress
Silver long sleeves dress

Fancy cocktail dresses

Elegant wine red evening dress
Red satin dress
Pink short cocktail dress 

I hope you like my wishlist!
What dress do you like the most?
What is your favourite colour for a dress?

Hola guapis!
Hace poco estuve en Lidl y me animé a comprar algunos productos de la marca Cien para probarlos, ya que siempre he oído valoraciones muy positivas sobre ellos y además el precio es más que razonable! También aproveché y ya que estaba de compras me pasé por una droguería y me compré una mascarilla de té verde de la marca Coreana Holika Holika y un rimmel de Maybelline.

Hello babes!
Some days ago I bought some products from Lidl's brand Cien as I've always heard lot of positive reviews about them - plus it's very cheap! I've also bought some other stuff from a drugstore such as a green tea mask from Korean brand Holika Holika and a mascara from Maybelline.

Los productos de la marca Cien que me compré son dos mascarillas faciales: una antiarrugas con Q10 y aceite de semillas de uva y ácido hilaurónico (en realidad la compré para que mi madre la probase) y otra hidratante con aloe vera y aceite de jojoba.

Tengo que reconocer que no me gustó para nada la mascarilla de aloe vera y aceite de jojoba. Más que una mascarilla parecía una crema hidratante y al aplicarla y esperarte unos minutos la piel la acababa absorbiendo toda (vamos que yo creo que eso es una crema normal y corriente...). Lo que tampoco me gustó es la sensación que deja en la piel al quitarla, pone que se tiene que quitar con un pañuelo o toalla (no con agua) y para mi gusto al retirarla deja la piel demasiado pegajosa y aceitosa.

The products I bought from Cien are: two facial masks, one anti-age with Q10 (for my mum, so she could try it as well) and a hydrating one with aloe vera and jojoba oil.

I have to admit i didn't like the hydrating mask at all. It didn't seem like a face mask, it was more like a face cream as it was absorbed really fast (that's why I am pretty sure that's face cream). I also didn't like the feeling it leaves when you take it off, as you have to take it with a towel (not water) and it leaves a very sticky and oily feeling on the skin.

Mi amigo David con la mascarilla absorbida / My friend David with the mask partly absorbed

También me compré una especie de brillo para labios de un color frambuesa (lip butter) en el tono 12 Fabulous rose. El tono es muy bonito y aporta un poco de color y brillo a los labios sin ser para nada exagerado. Os lo recomiendo ya que queda muy natural y muy sutil!

I also bought this lip butter in a pink-raspberry tone (in case you are interested, the tone is 12 Fabulous rose). The colour is very beautiful and it gives a little bit of sparkle and colour to the lips without being super exaggerated. I recommend it to you as it looks very natural! 

En conclusión estoy un poco decepcionada con la mascarilla facial, ya que me esperaba algo diferente!
Y vosotr@s, ¿Habéis probado algún producto de la marca Cien? 
Si es así, ¿Cuál es vuestro favorito?
Espero que paséis un buen día!

All in all i am a little bit deceived with that face mask, as I was expecting something different!
What about you, have you ever tried Lidl's Cien brand?
What is your favourite product?
Hope you have an amazing day!