Hello beauties!

First of all: MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope y'all are enjoying this holiday season :)
Today I would like to show you my 2021 favourite products that I've been using to take care of my hair.
I told you I wanted to start posting more about my hair journey, so if you missed my last post, you should check it because I share some important tips on how to boost your curls!

Before starting, I'd like to clarify that my type of curls are 3B/3C, in case you would like to check out these products!

**some of the photos used in this post are not mine, credits to its authors**

1. Shampoo's
I've tried different shampoo's, but this is one of my favourites: Shea Moisture Raw Shea
I use it regularly, when I want a complete wash. As I have curly hair, I don't tend to wash my hair more than 2 times a week, as I really feel it doesn't need it.
But one or twice a month I use a clarifying type of shampoo to clean it more thoroughly. When I do that I use the Cantu Avocado shampoo, it works really well plus it smells amazing!

2. Conditioner
My favourite 2021 conditioner is the Tea Tree deep nourishing conditioner by Beauty Formulas. I discovered it through a tik tok where this girl was recommending it and when I actually checked it online it was sold out. Some months later I was shopping and I accidentally found it so I didn't hesitate in getting it! It's super affordable, it only costs: 1,50€. I really like how my hair looks after using it- even though it has a strong smell of tea tree oil (which doesn't really bother me) but if you don't like this smell then I would beware. Lots of people use it for co-wash as well :)

3. Hair Mask
The only one I've used is the Aunt Jackie's Butter Fusions Curl Spell Moisture Mask.
I have to say: this smells AMAZING! I can't even describe the smell but it's just incredible.
I use this mask usually once a month, when I feel my hair really needs a hydrating boost. I usually use it when I wash my hair with the clarifying shampoo, as this one is quite strong. If i want a deeper hydrating effect I put on a thermal hat for 10 minutes.
4. Leave in conditioner
My absolute favourite leave in conditioner is the Curls Blueberry bliss. During summer I tended to put on more quantity as I felt my hair needed to stay more hydrated. I use this one as my first step when it comes to style my hair.

5. Styling gel
Some people use styling foams, but I like to use styling gels. I've tried different ones but my favourite so far is the Camille Rose Lavender Extra Hold. This one is suuuper thick so I only use a small amount -I really like how my hair looks after using it. Also, it's a bit expensive, but it lasts for a really long time!

At the moment I'm trying new products (including a brazilian brand called Lola Cosmetics) - but it's too early to take conclusions as I need to use them more.
Have you tried any of these products that I mention?
What type of hair do you have?

Hello beauties!

Today I want to show you some of the make up and cosmetics that I've bought during Black Friday offers. To be honest with you I feel like this year I haven't bought as much stuff as last year- also I feel like there weren't as many offers or products as in 2020. Lot of the things I wanted to check out were already sold out or out of stock, also the stuff wasn't as discounted as I was expecting in comparison with last year.

Buuuuutt I got me some make up that was on my wishlist for a long time - and discounted - which is always good!

1. KVD Beauty 'Everyday stars' kit
I've been wanting to try the famous tattoo liner by KVD for a long time, so I found this kit where it comes alongside a blush and a lipstick. I thought it was very nice and also good value so I thought why not? Also both the colours of the blush and lipstick are really beautiful.

2. Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Soft Matte Powder Foundation
I was in the search of a powder foundation and I've always heard good reviews about Fenty Beauty ones. I have some Fenty Beauty products and the quality is amazing so I thought it would be good to buy this product. I am really looking forward to try it on!

What about you, did you buy lot of things?
have you tried any of these?