11 jul 2020

Hello beauties!

In today's post I'm bringing you a Colourpop whishlist. If you have been following me for a while, probably you already know Colourpop is one of my favourite make up brands (not that I own lot of their products, but all of their releases are way too amazing).

Colourpop is a US brand, which means if you live outside the US the only way to purchase their products is online. And it's kind a bit of a nightmare because of the customs policy (for example here in Spain, you can easily pay customs if you have spent more that $25 on something you have purchased in the US or outside the EU). Last year when I went to NYC i got me some Colourpop cosmetics from Ulta, but I still feel like i need to keep satisfying my needs of getting more products from them!

Eyeshadows palettes:
They have been releasing amazing eyeshadow palettes I want them all!
But here are the ones I want the most:

For some reason I've been wanting to explore more pastel colour eyeshadows, as they seem to be very on trend this 2020! I've never been a big fan of blue when it comes to eyeshadows but I think I could give a chance to pastel blue ones! Also I love pink, red and nude tones and I had to add the Sailor moon palette no matter what! (btw, if you want to check their Sailor moon collection I recently wrote a post talking about it).

I don't use foundation very often, but when I do I prefer to use more of a mattifying type foundation, as my skin is mixed type. That's why I think the No Filter foundation would be ideal, plus it's buildable and gives a natural matte finish.

When it comes to concealer, I'd love to try the Pretty fresh hyaluronic concealer. I've heard very good reviews about it as it gives you full coverage with a very natural finish.

Something i love about this brand are the lip products, from lipsticks to glosses: I could wear their whole range and never get tired of it! here are some of the ones I would love to have in the near future:

My wishlist could be way waaay longer but I feel it would never end!
Definitely there are more products I would love to have but that I haven't added on this wishlist!
Hope you like it!

Have you ever tried colourpop?
Is there any product you would love to have?


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  1. What a nice post 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. Cool post! I never use this.

    Kisses ;*

  3. ola, nossa amei tudo!! fico triste de nunca ter visto essa marca.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I've never heard about this brand but the products seems to be awesome! Have a nice week!

  5. That Sailor Moon palette is definitely on my wish list as well. It looks so cute!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  6. I love colourpop, especially their liquid lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes! I'm intrigued by their hyaluronic concealer.

    A Blushing Beauty Blog x

  7. Lovely post!

    Carina |

  8. Beautiful palettes! I wish we had occasions tu use them now :)


  9. Your post makes me want to pick up some Colourpop stuff :D Great wishlist x


  10. Great list! I myself am eye-ing their Pretty Fresh foundation!

  11. I still have yet to try colourpop. The products look so great!

  12. Shades in that palette look very beautiful. I really like them.

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