8 may 2022

Hello beauties!

Doesn't it happen to you that there are times when you don't buy clothes in months, and other times when you find lots of beautiful clothes and you can't help but buying them all? (or almost!)

Well, lately I've been buying some spring/summer clothes - I love the colours and the designs and also it's a reminder that summer is around the corner :) I've bought them in Stradivarius and Bershka (what a surprise lol I always buy my clothes in the same stores >.<). Let me tell you that I'm already looking forward to summer sales...

**none of the photos used in this post belong me to, credits to its authors**

Stradivarius released a Bridgerton collection, and I found it absolutely beautiful! I love colourful flower patterns and corsets, so they've mixed all of this together. I felt tempted to buy the whole collection but this girl right here has to look for her wallet lol...

Trousers, corset & t-shirt: 

Bershka is as well releasing lots of colourful designs, and because I'm a flower freak, I had to get my hands on some of their newest items!

Jacket & dress:

I don't tend to buy at H&M, but this time I saw this dress and I immediately fell in love!

What do you guys think?
Have you been buying clothes lately as well?


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  1. These pieces are so beautiful! I especially love that H&M dress. The design is perfection <3
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. All of them seems great:) thanks for your sharing...

  3. ¡Hola! ^^
    Algunos de esos looks me parecen muy chulos, pero no sé si van mucho con mi estilo. Lo que más me ha gustado es el corsé negro.

  4. Qué ganas de que ya sea veranito!!!! Y más despúes de ver tu selección!
    Un miauuuuuuubesito guapa!!!

  5. Hello dear =)
    Seafood is really delicious, especially when you're on holidays <3 :D
    NYX is absolutely nice, love it.
    Thanks a lot =) Oh yes I will eat one of them soon, I think the pineapple coco crunch muesli <3 :D The packacking is really cute.
    My day is nice, hope yours too.

    Interesting spring / summer fashion post.
    I like light colours, they give you good vibes =)
    I like the pink dress, it looks super cute and sporty. Kisses <3

  6. Beautiful clothes!

    Kisses ;*

  7. all purchased look excellent....
    have a wonderful summer

  8. Very nice spring clothes, I love dresses!

  9. I like the tops in the picture 1/2/3, they look so good and fit the spring and summer atmosphere very well.
    Colored human hair wigs

  10. I love the floral green co-ord! <3

  11. Nice choices. Thanks for sharing.
    I invite you to visit my last post. Have a nice week!


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