10 dic 2018

Hello babes!
I haven't been able to post in a long time, i've moved back to Spain and it's been crazy!
But i finally got some time between the moving and work to take some photos with the new items i've got from Rosegal!

Oh, by the way, here are some discounts for you to use in their website and save some money!

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And following with my obsession for fluffy jackets I ordered -again- this pink flurry and fluffy one! And i have to say I am completely in love with this one! The colour is super pretty, and I am AMAZED by the quality of the jacket. It's pretty short but I already noticed that when I ordered it online, the size is perfect though as it fits perfectly. I love the detail in the zipper and also the colour of it - it's a golden colour that matches really well with the pastel pink of the jacket! So far I am super happy with all the fluffy jackets i've ordered from Rosegal, I COMPLETELY recommend them because i don't have enough words to describe how nice and good quality they are!

By the way, I also ordered that black tattoo elastic choker that I am wearing and that was so popular in the 90s! I used to have one and i loved it, but unfortunately I lost it. This one is exactly the same as the one I had and i couldn't love it more! Plus it's extremely cheap!

The last two items I ordered are this black stretchy deep u dress and this hoop tassels earrings.
When it comes to the dress, I think it's very nice and the material is nice, but unfortunately the size was way to big on me so I didn't like much how it looked on me. If I ordered a smaller size it would be perfect. Plus I love the detail in the back, I think it adds a very sexy touch.
On the other side, the earrings are really beautiful, i love them! I am not used to wear this type of earrings but I wanted to get ones so bad and I'm really surprised by how nice they are!

I hope you like this haul!
Hopefully I'll be more around here
from now on!

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  1. Lovely look! Love your hair too omg!

    Asha xo Age of Youth

  2. I loved the pink coat, it's very cute!!
    I really like the choker, you got a good 90's vibe this look. I love the 90's! ♥

  3. Hello,

    Beautiful !


  4. Outfits are very nice, I like it! Your hair is very cute, like jacket.
    Follow for follow? ♥

  5. you look so pretty with your beautiful outfit
    greeting- evi erlinda

  6. Me encanta el abrigoo!!! Te sienta genial el rosa, estas muy guapa !! Feliz semana :)

  7. Il colore rosato mi piace troppo!!! Bello comodo morbido e caldo proprio come piace a me!

  8. El post es genial

  9. Beautiful outfit and great post.

  10. Lovely picks.

  11. I love your fashion sense and style. you are very great and everything looks good on you.

    I followed you, please follow me back.

  12. Love pink so much!!!! Loving coat dear!

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  13. ideal tu chaqueta y el descuento
    bss guapa
    New post in my Lifestyle Blog !

  14. Essa blusa é muito linda e deixa o look super estiloso ❤

  15. I love Pink and this looks so beautiful <3


  16. love the pink blazer ^^

  17. This fur coat look amazing on you! ;)
    Have a nice day ;)

  18. I like this pink coat. It's cute! The most important thing is that it's short and looks fashionable and warm.
    black evening dresses


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