5 nov 2018

Hello babes!
This post is inform you about Rosegal's Global Shopping Festival which is taking place from the 13th to the 22nd of November.
In this event you can find a huge amount of discounts, with Clearance Prices under $11.99!  and even buying two pieces for only $24.99!

As you probably may know, Rosegal is an online fashion store where you can find all variety of beautiful clothes and the most important: in a very large variety of sizes and at really amazing prices! My experience with them has been really good so far, their customer service is excellent and the shipping is FREE! plus it is really fast, it normally takes less than 10 days to arrive :)

I'd like to show you some items you could find in this November-Clearance SALE:

Purple neck ribbed sweater
Velvet plus size swimsuit
Batwings bodycon dress

If you have never bought at Rosegal, I really reccomend it! I'm sure you won't be disappointed. If you would like to check my last Rosegal fashion haul, here is the link
I also recommend checking out their website - clearance link as you can find discount codes for different type of purchases :)

Hope you find this post informative and useful :)
See you soon!

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  1. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  2. Wow! i love that beautiful body, it looks gorg ♥

    Best, Gilda


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